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Sara Blakely, the youngest women to hit the Forbes self-made billionaire list in 2013, as the founder of shapewear company Spanx.  So what did Zingle learn (and what can all of us model) about effective public relations from Spanx? She “put a ton of smart thinking into selecting the name,” according to Ford.Blakely points to three major lessons, as follows: 1) Be memorable, 2) Passion is more important than experience, and 3) Seize the opportunity when you get it. She had no money to advertise (Spanx was reportedly bootstrapped for just ,000) so she wanted a name that would be press worthy on its own.The logical entrepreneur path would have been for Sara to start a company in the corporate equipment industry or for Ford to start a new financial consulting firm.In many respects it would have been the easier way to go.

Jay is pictured with his partner Rachel Ritzau AFTER hearing mutual frustrations from both single men and women while he was out gigging, a Coast event manager wants to raise the local dating game.“I quickly realized that the garage attendants didn’t think the service was a good idea.So I decided the best thing to do was to create organic momentum with the garage attendants.” So Ford gave several of his NYC buddies to give to the valet attendants (as a tip) every-time they "Zingled" (texted) for their car. “It cost me about 0 but it was the best money I ever spent,” he said.“It seemed obvious to me that everyone was texting between peers and it was a fundamental breakdown that businesses weren’t benefiting from the technology as well.”  When he brought his idea to various technology companies, he discovered that nobody liked the idea and their solutions to the problem were “lame.” “I decided the best thing to do was to solve the product problem first, learn from my customers, then build the business plan,” he says. Instead, she realized that if she could replay that one moment in television over and over, she would generate 10 times the exposure.As such, she purchased TVs with embedded VCRs and looped her Oprah coverage into every department store to gain customer momentum.

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