Wow armory profile not updating

The signature maker says it doesn't work on IE7, which more and more people are probably using (Yeah, yeah, FF rules, IE sux, we get it). Linking to broken third party shit that no one's ever heard of is asking for trouble.

The site is still hopelessly broke with some php error. I'd remove all three links, but since Frals added his back, it would probably just start an edit war.

Armory still shows my 4-day old spec and my 1 day old transmog, yet other characters seem to update instantly.

In-game i-lvl is 928, but on the armory, it shows 924.-Also, another thing I've noticed in-game, is that whenever I log in, instead of my i-lvl saying 928, it shows 926, but as I unequip an item, and then equip it again, it goes back to saying 928.

I recently did a total transmog update, and spec change.

I changed spec 4 days ago, changed transmog yesterday.

I tried the trick discussed above of taking of PVP gear and putting it back on but that doesn't seem to have worked.

Yeh, as of October 3rd & 4th, the armory for the characters have stopped updating characters again, For my rogue, it shows that I'm still wearing a 900 i-lvl Necklace, an 890 belt, and 910 gloves, but just yesterday I got those 3 items replaced.

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