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That just takes time away from me talking about myself.” Something tells me our readers can add more questions to this list. Joshua Rogers is an attorney and writer who lives in Washington, D.

Here’s the complete list of awkward and inappropriate first-date questions you can use if you only want to go on first dates for the rest of your life: And last but not least, my friend Jay offered this classy response: “Why would I ask a question?.header__3OBc H.wrapper__36h [email protected] (min-width:71rem) Nav__1Sh [email protected] (min-width:500px)@media (min-width:71rem)Nav__1Sh Ab.visible__2m RGs.section__1Mi Zw.section Title__2XZFa.community Section__2j Nz S.community Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq P.community Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.section Links Section__2Pxj Q.other Links Section__3Q5VU.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.How to Tell if a Girl Is Gay by the Way She Behaves Around You You’re not sure if your crush is vibing you.It helps to have questions that will help break the ice and start a conversation.Vacation icebreaker questions help you not talk about yourself too much.

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