Who is ryan higa dating

The 28-year-old Ryan Higa is pretty uptight in sharing his personal details to the outer world.

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However, he is always quiet when it comes to his relationship and affairs.

Also, Ryan hasn't disclosed his actual earnings till date, however, an average You Tuber could make a pretty decent income. Well, Ryan Higa is still active in the field, hence in the upcoming future, his salary may see a huge increase. As Higa is a social media star, it is obvious that he will have a greater number of followers.

Some of the richest You Tubers as of now are Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Daniel Middleton, etc. He regularly posts funny videos and podcasts, where he also gives updates about his personal life.

With such incredible fan following, the high profile Japanese-American star, Higa is maintaining a secretive private life.

Fans are wondering whether the handsome social media star is single or taken.

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