Who is mackenzie astin dating

Though Astin was exposed to acting from an early age because of his parents, he saw a darker side of life as well. His parents' marriage was troubled, and they separated when he was three years old.

They later divorced when he was eight (some sources say this occurred in 1985).

"Stranger Things" (2017-2019) Bob Newby is the manager at the local Hawkins Radio Shack and (starting in Season 3) the love interest for Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder.

Somehow, the kid from "Goonies" ended up going on a date with Lydia from "Beetlejuice," and all was right in the world.

After Astin graduated from high school in the late 1980s, he attended junior college and later entered the University of California at Los Angeles.Around the same time, Duke married rock promoter Michael Tell, who was subletting her apartment. Astin and Duke married, and Astin raised Sean as his own.When Sean was 14, his mother confessed that she believed Arnaz was actually his father, and Sean went on to develop a relationship with the actor. Sean later met a relative of Michael Tell, who suggested that they might be related. The pilot was for a situation comedy called Just Our Luck for ABC. Astin continued to play young roles in the late 1980s.While working as a young actor, Astin attended Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, California. In 1989, he had a role of one of the kids caught in the middle of their parents' testy divorce in the tense comedy The War of the Roses.

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