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She was picked out of over 100 young girls auditioning for the part.

She came out to LA in the summer of 1994 for Pilot Season, living in the Oakwood Apartments in Burbank.

Beals was inspired to become an actress by two events: working on a high school production of Fiddler on the Roof and seeing Balm in Gilead with Joan Allen while volunteer-ushering at the Steppenwolf Theatre. film of 1983, Flashdance is the story of 18-year-old Alex, a welder by day and exotic dancer by night, whose dream is to be accepted someday at an illustrious school of dance.

then came to fame with her starring part in Flashdance. Beals was cast for this key role while still a student at Yale.

Girls were nervous about going into caves; they were scaredy-cats--and I wasn't into that at all.

I loved the idea of being with a crew and having an adventure. [on whether or not she felt she was talked into doing some of the "blockbusters" that she's starred in] It's really tough.

And usually, the ones that look right on paper are the ones where you go, "What was I thinking?!

I never identified with girls, and the cast was all boys.

In 2010, Beals reunited with Denzel Washington in the post-apocalyptic action drama The Book of Eli, where she played a blind woman who is the mother of Mila Kunis' character and a consort of a local despot played by Gary Oldman.

In 2017, the actress played the role of Samantha Kingston's mother, in the film version of Before I Fall.

It's such a gamble that everybody takes when you agree to do something.

And sometimes you make a decision because you need to pay your rent, sometimes you make decisions because people are talking to you about "international value," and to do a movie that would do well internationally, even though it's not the right creative choice for you because if you can do that, then maybe you can do that small character piece that you really want to do.

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