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Even with these differences, they have shared a similar journey. Birch, one of five children (her younger sister is also a lesbian), describes hers as "the Cleavers." They did typical stuff like go camping and watch beauty pageants on TV.

Rosen and her older brother remained close through their parents' divorce.

Still, they are very much "out" as a couple, together on the political scene for the past two years.

As a pair, they have attended the Grammys, posed for pictures flanking President Clinton, even sat in the studio audience of the coming-out episode of "Ellen." Birch tells friends that meeting Rosen was like finding her soul-mate.

The detail is both meaningful and irrelevant -- meaningful because both say they could not have made it in this town had they stayed in the closet, irrelevant because theirs is in some ways a typical, if complex, story of Washington success."We're the crossover couple," says Rosen, the 0,000-a-year CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Even when posing for pictures, there are certain angles she likes and others she won't permit.

Birch counter-balances Rosen's East Coast intensity. The tall blond daughter of a Canadian Air Force engineer, she has a laid-back manner that wins trust.

Later, she took on pro bono gay-rights cases for a San Francisco law firm.

After that, she won benefits for domestic partners at Apple. She campaigned for George Mc Govern via telephone, so folks in her West Orange, N.

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