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In the second-to-last episode, her song "The Last Time" was sung by her character.

She also sang a few other songs as the lead female vocalist on 90210s "The Glorious Steinem"'s band. Diego Boneta) in the 90210 episode "Meet the Parent" (season 2, episode 20, final scene).

The song peaked at number 35 on Billboard Canada's Top 50 and number 65 on the US Top 100.

Lowndes was included on People magazine's list of World's Most Beautiful People of 2009, along with co-stars from the series 90210.

Growing up in a household where her mother was a piano teacher and her father held the teenage record for running across Canada, Lowndes knew accomplishing a goal and making her dreams come true was possible.

While Lowndes, as a young child, was notorious for singing and dancing all the time, she finally earned her first major acting opportunity in high school.

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