Who is cristiano ronaldo dating 2016

This heartthrob was actually married from 2001-04, but must’ve gotten over it quick, considering how quick she locked down Ronaldo.

Romero, who is actually about nine years older than Ronaldo, which certainly must have been quite endearing to the Manchester United star, as the striker dated the Portuguese model and TV presenter for over a year. Ronaldo’s tastes seem to trend in the modeling direction. Next up on the list of lovers is Mia Judaken, yet another Portuguese model who makes us wonder why we didn’t put our entire life’s work into becoming the best soccer star we could possibly be.

The two were together while Ronaldo was still lacing up for Sporting Club de Portugal, or Sporting CP, when he made the leap to Manchester United in 2003.

Today, the brunette model has gathered quite the following of her own, boasting an impressive 15.4K followers on her IG account.

Serious as the relationship may have been, the couple only stayed together for a short time before breaking it off.

Next up on the list of mind-boggling beauty is the ridiculously gorgeous Gemma Atkinson.

This British buxom blonde hails out of Greater Manchester.

The debate over whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player in the world can go on forever. Karina Ferro kicks off this list of ladies who have gotten to know Cristiano Ronaldo better than anyone, because that’s exactly where she stands on CR7’s timeline of WAGs.

These lovely ladies top the list—and what a list it is—of Ronaldo’s most stunning WAGs.

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