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Stay tuned CDLers…because you KNOW we’ll bring you all the updates.And just remember who told you about the phone call from Emily on the big reunion show first!Now, Tori believes she needs a storyline that will promise drama as her marriage woes with Dean are boring and played out—causing viewers to drop like flies.CDL exposed Tori and Dean’s manufactured story about Emily Goodhand shortly after news broke of Dean’s affair, poking holes in almost all parts of “the affair” story that conveniently led the way to the show True Tori at a time when the couple was most desperate for money and another show.By Candy Spelling As a native Angeleno and a child of the American car culture, the automobile has always been a central part of my lifestyle.At only twelve-years-old, I spent weekend afternoons working alongside my big brother Tony in the family garage.To my horror, a huge sound boom accidentally fell onto it, leaving a gaping hole in the hood.Aaron had the car repaired, but just days after getting it back, the Corvette proved to be too much car for me.

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My friends and I went there almost every day after school.Being the first girl born into my family, I was fortunate to have been gifted a small fund by my grandfather.The fund matured over the years, and when I turned sixteen, I used it to buy my first car.It will be the safest option as far too many critics will be chomping at the bits to prove that Emily is a hired actress.If her face is not shown, Tori can keep up the story without fear she’ll be found out.

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