Virtual sex chat bots

Real Doll plans to integrate artificial intelligence and robotic features into their hyper realistic doll products, with the aim of launching sexbots that rival the realism and sensuality of West World’s hosts by the end of 2017.

, health advice, and marketing, chatbots are being deployed to address the fundamental human need for romantic companionship.

While Nadia’s first real-world application is to assist patients with disabilities, you can easily see how her “emotionally charged” service can easily be adapted to solve the human longing for romantic relationships.

The technologies needed to design the perfect sexual partner — attractive, empathetic, human-like, and eager to please — remain fragmented, but trends indicate they are converging to meet people’s true desires.

Even Google’s AI engine is dropping its matter-of-fact style and .

Humans are having sex, falling in love, and tying the knot with AI.

Is the solution applicable to all industries or only specific verticals? As I wrote on top, the field of chatbots is still coming into its own, with new providers and solutions popping up almost every day. Every thought helps us come up with a better system to talk about chatbots, cut through the hype, and end the confusion about this promising technology.

” — which underestimates both its and our own capabilities.

Chatbots are so hard to compare because they are much more complex than they appear at first sight: My market research on classifications and taxonomies didn’t yield any satisfying results.

Chatbots are like teenage sex: While everyone is talking about it, nobody is doing it well.

In other words, chatbots carry a great promise that they’re yet to fulfill.

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