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It used to be that a Reg Ex was the best method for validating email addresses in C#, but with all the new Top Level Domains (TLD's) flying around and new ones being released, this is becoming an increasingly difficult task. To determine whether an email address is valid, pass the email address to the Mail Address.

So instead, why not let Microsoft do the hard work of validating email addresses in C#? Net library gets updated regularly with all the new validation methods automatically across all platforms (forms, etc..) meaning you need only call their methods from your code and you are up to date.

Instead of using a regular expression to validate an email address, you can use the System.

Could you please help me by telling where I made a mistake.

Our "validate email address" tool is 100% free, superbly fast and very accurate and reliable.

HP 5.3.3 and 5.2.14 had a bug ( related to FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL, which resulted in segfault when validating large values.

However, in the real world ESPs accept addresses that are not RFC-valid, and reject addresses that are.

When we built our validator, we did so based on real-world data RFC spec to ensure more accurate validation.

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We’ve integrated custom grammar checks for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo into our email validator and are always adding more custom grammar checks as we discover these rules. can easily become and when it does, you can miss out on connecting with that customer.The result of sending an email to a badly formatted email address would be the same: it’ll get bounced. If you really want to do checking of email addresses right on the signup page, include a confirmation field so they have to type it twice.If your user enters a bad email address, they won’t get the activation email and they’ll try to register again if they really care about using your site. Enterprising individuals will just copy and paste, but what it comes down to is this: if your user enters a bad email address, you shouldn’t make it more of a problem for yourself than you have to.Dim Domain Mapper = Function(match As Match) As String 'Use Idn Mapping class to convert Unicode domain names. Dim idn = New Idn Mapping 'Pull out and process domain name (throws Argument Exception on invalid) Dim domain Name As String = idn.

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