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Certificate validation in C# The two most important objects in .

NET that will help you validate a certificate are X509Chain and X509Chain Policy.

Try editing the XML file with the Anyconnect VPN Profile Editor software to validate the file.

If this still doesnt work export DART logs and log a TAC case.

Pulling my hair out on this one -- user with Windows 10 v1607 (build 14393.693) and Cisco Any Connect v4.2.04039. However, I've tried the reinstall, copy over files from a working instance, etc. The most likely scenario was that it was installed as Administrator and needed those privileges to access the certificate store.

There seems to be a myriad of "root causes," for this error online.

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See Connect_Administrator_Guide_4-0/Certificate Store Override—Allows an administrator to direct Any Connect to search for certificates in the Windows machine certificate store when the users do not have administrator privileges on their device.Introduction In the previous post we looked at some basic classes in the . We saw how to load, inspect, install and remove certificates.In this post we’ll continue working with certificates in code and concentrate on validation techniques.Launching as Administrator did not help, and, frankly, I'm not certain WHICH certificate is missing/broken.Also, since these are NOT using Certificate Authentication, I'm not sure where this is breaking down in the process.

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