Updating navigation bar

Again, it's very i Phone-like, and a big improvement from the gesture system in Android P.The one non-i Phone gesture is really weird: a swipe up, diagonally, from the corner of the display, will open the Google Assistant. There are a few strange edge-cases with the gesture system currently.There really aren't a ton of changes in this beta release, but there is a new navigation system.There are three versions of system navigation in Android Q Beta 3, actually.The one app that implements this right now is the Google I/O app, and it's pretty weird in practice.The first swipe back gets eaten by the app drawer, and only the second switch back will actually go back.

In addition to the slew of announcements on keynote day, there are dozens of hours of sessions and documentation, plus a whole new Android release to pick though. Every Google I/O presents a new release of Android, and paired with Google I/O 2019 is Android Q Beta 3.

This icon doesn't fit in the slimmer gesture bar, so now when a keyboard is open, the gesture bar actually grows to the old size, and then it has room to display the old button.

The other missing button from the new bar is Android 9 Pie's smart rotation switch, which just never shows up anymore.

First, trying to open Recent Apps from the Home Screen is a bit clunky.

The swipe-and-hold gesture is strange to begin with (even on an i Phone), but on the home screen a swipe up also opens the app drawer.

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