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Actually the entire bootable image was on the USB drive.

However, Bart himself has stated that certain limitations make the whole USB drive approach too flaky to rely on. Customization involves first getting a bootable burn using the default Bart PE download.

I hear there are people that put it on a USB drive and boot off of a USB drive and then I guess that calls the server to download the image?

I am looking at understanding how people customize images using Bart PE..

You also copy a custom background image to be used later.

If I want to create an image using Bart PE, what are the steps to do this.In Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, you can create custom Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) boot images that include extra components and features.This topic shows you how to create a custom Windows PE 5.0 boot image with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) wizard.There are ready-to-go downloads at the Bart PE enthusiast sites which have these plugins—just download and overlay on the default Bart PE extract. If so, if you're booting an existing computer (real or virtual) off of the Bart CD rather than it's disk-based operating system, then that's exactly what Bart PE was designed for.Application plugins I've personally used are Ghost32 (requires access to Ghost enterprise), Firefox, Filezilla, Nero, Putty, VNC, Restoration, Mc Afee stinger, Ad Aware, Get Data Back, Foundstone, etc. I have created this Bart PE Iso, and I have booted it into my VM box. Lets say I had a box that was infected through the brim with spyware or a box that I needed to recover data on ? Once you've booted into Bart, you can use Bart to read the hard drive, run virus scans, backup to network drives, etc.

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