Updating disconnected datasets

Synced tables cannot be edited in CARTO Builder, as the data is being pulled from another resource.If you want to edit the dataset, you can disconnect the dataset from the source by altering the sync frequency to Once you change the sync frequency to Never, the sync options are removed and you will not be able sync the dataset.Update Database(ds); Here, we access our Database Connections object (obj Connect), and call our new method Update Database.In between the round brackets of our Update Database method we have the name of our Data Set, which is ds.Notice the next two lines: Max Rows = Max Rows 1; inc = Max Rows - 1; Because we have added a new Row to the Dataset, we also need to add 1 to the Max Rows variable.The inc variable can be set to the last record in the Dataset, which is Max Rows - 1. Enabled = true; These three lines just reset the buttons to their original state.

When you start your programme, click the Add New button to clear the textboxes. When you close down your project and open it up again, the new record should still be there.The Save button is where we'll add the record to the Dataset and to the Database. Here's the code to add, then: Navigate Records( ); btn Cancel. The Data Row object is used to add new rows to a Dataset. To add data to the row, the format is this: row[1] = text First Name. Add( row ); After Add, and in between a pair of round brackets, you type the name of the row you want to add, which was row in our example. Add this rather long line to your method (it should be on one line in your code): System. After a dot, you type the name of a table in your dataset.Double click your Add New button, and add code to clear the text boxes: text Box1. Text; So after your Data Row variable (row) you need a pair of square brackets. After an equals sign, you type whatever it is you want to add to that Column - the text from text First Name, in our case. The new row will then get added to the end of the Dataset. Here's what your method should look like: And that's it. What we need to do here is to call Navigate Records. After a new record has been entered into the text boxes, we can save it. To save a record, you need to do two things: save it to the Dataset, and save it to the underlying database. Now add the following method: public void Update Database( System. Data Set ds ) So this is a public method that doesn't return a value (void). In between the round brackets of Update Database have a look at what the code is: System. Data Set ds This is a Data Set being passed to the method. Our Data Set, remember, is where all the records are kept, even the ones that have changed. Sql Command Builder( da_1 ); We've called our Command Builder cb. Tables[0] ); The Command Builder has a property called Data Adapter. When the form loads it will look like this (we've put our buttons on a Group Box): When you click the Add New button, the form will look like this: But all the code does is to clear the four textboxes of text. Return to Design Time and double click your Cancel button. If your Database Connections class is not open, double click it in the Solution Explorer to get at the code.

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