Updating datarow

The method // API method for updating data function update Row Data(row Data Transaction: Row Data Transaction): Row Node Transaction; // params for above interface Row Data Transaction // result for above interface Row Node Transaction The index to add is put in for historical purposes and should not be used.

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As well as using the grid's API's, the grid also allows updating data in the following other ways which are explained in other sections of the documentation: This section of the documentation is regarding using the grid's API to update data.The example below shows the immutable store in action. Each time the user does an update, the local store is replaced with a new store with the next data, and then This example is best viewed in a new tab.It demonstrates a combination of features working together.In particular you should notice the grid is managing a very large set of data, applying delta updates to the data and only updating the UI where the updates have an impact (as opposed to recalculating everything from scratch when new values come in an requiring a full grid refresh). You should also notice that all row selections, range selections, filters, sorting etc work even though the grid data is constantly updating.Every time you update data in the grid, the grid will rework all aggregations, sorts and filters and the browser will repaint.

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