Updating a database using coldfusion

This can be useful for passing custom attributes that change the behavior of the connection.

See your data source’s documentation for details on what options are available.. Typically this setting is only applicable to cases where a data source is used for infrequent but expensive queries that could impact the performance of the database. This setting will persist the Cold Fusion connection to your database, eliminating the authentication and initialization overhead for every request. You can also specify a duration in minutes that a connection should persist, and how often (interval) the connection should be checked.

updating a database using coldfusion-20

Do not use root level accounts for these connections.

Connecting to databases was one of the first widespread uses of Cold Fusion.

In fact, the first iterations of what we now know as CFML was called DBML or database markup language.

Only enable these features if you know they will be needed. We recommend this feature be enabled on your data sources, with a simple query to the database added.

The reasoning behind this is best explained by Steven Erat: When a database connection is first created AND every subsequent time that connection is checked back out from the pool, the validation query will run BEFORE any queries for the page request.

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