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Violentacrez turned out to be not some monster but Michael Brutsch, a sad sack 49-year-old burly white guy who lives in Texas, worked at a boring job at a financial services agency, has a diabetic wife and a son who was about to join the Marines.

When CNN pressed on him on what he was thinking, he seemed like a guy whose moral compass had never found north.

Their mission, as they saw it: “If you post slutty f—ing s— on facebook expect your photo to end up on here, then tagged in, then ripped to shreds by 120 thousand people. Go die.” More than 217,000 people clicked a button to say they liked the page and some continue to post comments.And there is no one villain, just a lot of people with a suboptimal understanding of the consequences of their actions, all of which cumulate in young girls being victimized.But there is one clear message: once a picture goes online, it can never be unpublic again.That page offers a link to a more hardcore page for which you have to be 18 (which you prove by checking a box that says you’re 18).The fact that many of the girls in them are unaware of the use to which their images are being put apparently adds to the thrill.

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