Tunisia dating customs who do you report online dating scams to

Sadly, in almost all cases, one is confronted instead with dating and marriage fraud and as well with immigration fraud.

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After a while, the man will, in the traditional way, address the father of the woman officially ...

Of course, they are exceptions, but those are based on very special conditions and chances that are as rare as a strike in a lottery - and they almost never will happen with relationships between tourist women and tourist workers. In most cases, the ones who want to leave the country are younger, come from lower social and financial backgrounds and have often no higher education level or a respectable job and/or men who have family members living in Europe already that will act as an "anchor" point.

However, about the life in Europe and their chances for work.

Most of them end just with broken dreams, hurt feelings or some minor financial losses, quite a few with significant emotional scars, violence, massive threats or losses of life existances, and some even with child abduction, bankruptcy and attempted manslaughter.

Non withstanding, some relationships end up in a happy marriage as well - it is just that their number, in the long run, is rather very small.

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