They are killing the japanese and intimidating us

pending proclamation of the military law and its official announcement, and the scheduling of the date of execution of the American airmen." On 13 August 1942, General Shunroku Hata, Supreme Commander of the Japanese Forces in China promulgated Military Order No. This law, which was in part ex post facto, provided that: Article I: This law shall apply to all enemy airmen who raid the Japanese homeland, Manchukuo, and the Japanese zones of military operations, and who come within the areas under the jurisdiction of the China Expeditionary Force.

The Enemy Airmen's Act contributed to the deaths of untold numbers of Allied airmen throughout the Pacific War.

It is estimated that 132 Allied airmen shot down during bombing raids on Japan in 1944–45 were executed after summary trials or drumhead court-martials.

33 American airmen were deliberately killed by IJA personnel at Fukuoka, including 15 who were beheaded shortly after the Japanese Government's intention to surrender was announced on August 15, 1945.

Following receipt of that Order, the Assistant Chief of Staff of Imperial Army Headquarters dispatched it to the Chief of Staff of the Japanese Expeditionary Force in China.

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The first victims to be put on trial under the act were the Doolittle raiders captured by the Japanese in China in April 1942.

They were put on trial on 28 August in Tokyo and charged with allegedly strafing Japanese civilians during the 18 April raid.

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