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Hamas's principal backer in recent years is Qatar, which donates hundreds of millions of dollars to the organization annually. Although it lost some of its power in recent years, due to a series of assassination and arrests of senior activists, it is still considered the largest underground organization and strongest in Colombia.

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About 15% of Gaza's economy ends up in this organizations pocket, through taxes and levies on goods and consumer goods entering the Gaza Strip, such as cigarettes and gasoline, and licensing fees for cars, motorcycles and even carts.

It is estimated that over the past year, various governments paid a total of approximately $ 125 million to release citizens kidnapped by the organization.

Today the Islamic State controls about a third of Iraq's territory and about a quarter of Syria, covering about 200 thousand square kilometers - more than half of the territory of Germany.

Main funding sources: and fees, financial aid and donations (especially Qatar).

Purpose: militant struggle against the state of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian Islamic state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River Hamas's militant coup and its taking over of the Gaza strip, back in 2007, ushered this organization into the big league.

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