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Fiebert, suggested that women are as likely to be violent to men, but that men are less likely to be hurt.

He, however, stated that men are seriously injured in 38 percent of the cases in which "extreme aggression" is used.

In 2009, for homicides in which the victim to offender relationship could be identified, 93% of female victims were murdered by a male they knew, 63% of them in the context of an intimate relationship. Domestic violence perpetrated by police officers is highly problematic, since they play a key role in responding to incidents of DV, as well as their colleagues.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States 4.8 million women suffer intimate partner related physical assaults and rapes and 2.9 million men are victims of physical assault from their partners.

Intimate terrorism is an ongoing, complicated use of control, power and abuse in which one person tries to assert systematic control over another psychologically.

Every donation helps ensure someone is available to answer the most important call of a victim’s life.

Victimization from domestic violence transcends the boundaries of gender and sexual orientation.

Women are more often the victims of domestic violence, and are more likely than men to suffer injuries or health consequences as a result of the incidents, Social and economically disadvantaged groups in the U. regularly face worse rates of domestic violence than other groups.

Fiebert additionally stated that his work was not meant to minimize the serious effects of men who abuse women.

A 2011 review by researcher Chan Ko Ling from the University of Hong Kong found that perpetration of minor partner violence was equal for both men and women but more severe partner violence was far likelier to be perpetrated by men.

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