Tall dark and handsome dating

It's been a while since last summer, when, as a broke, AC-less intern, I wrote about searching for a man in NYC with air conditioning.Since then, I've graduated and moved abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I'll be starting my Master's degree in the fall. From (4) and (5), there are only two possibilities: * Shahrukh & Salman both are tall and Ajay & Akshay both are fair. Shahrukh & Salman both are tall and Ajay & Akshay both are fair. As no two of them have the same number of preferred traits - from (1), exactly one of them has none of the preferred traits and exactly one of them has all the preferred traits. Also, Akshay is the person without any preferred traits. He comes over to our table in a jubilant flurry, exclaiming "" I initially begin to respond with, "Actually, I'm reasonably sure we're in Barcelona" but remember that Real Madrid is a football (soccer) club (team). I respond with "��" which I desperately hope means, "Let's go, Madrid! "He grabs my face and gives me a kiss on each cheek, which really doesn't rule out either option.Then he turns to Fiona, who looks at me with a questioning look on her face, and does the same thing before prancing off to the kitchen. By our third glass of wine, Fiona is narrating our dinner like Woody Allen narrates , a feat of impromptu comedic prowess that will reoccur sporadically throughout the rest of the trip.We've switched places: I'm just back from three sunny weeks in Spain, capped off by a crazy weekend in Brussels with some girlfriends from college, so her last post is a great lead-in to my purely cultural observations about European men ((Above image: Shameful amount of tapas, captured by Fiona.No regrets.)Three hours after we arrive in Spain,* Fiona Krystin(a) Barcelona* (the very low-budget and little-known sequel to Woody Allen's *) is off to a delicious start.

Midway through wining and dining, we have our first real interaction with a Spanish man — namely, our waiter.

1304, his expression settles on a unique blend of awe and horror.

He says something to his friends, and in that not-obvious-but-totally-obvious way of checking something out, they turn around to steal a glance.

My mom, who is Irish, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is fair skinned.

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