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Scroll Control)Gets or sets a value indicating whether False, any calls to Grid Current Cell. Enables support for MFC and Active X Containers and lets you specify the return value when the grid or any of its child controls receive a WM_GETDLGCODE message. Scroll Control)This method is called if the control's Syncfusion.

This collection will either contain all the rows in Band 0 or the top level of Group By rows (if Group By rows are being used.) This property is read-only at run-time and is not available at design-time. Rebinds to the data source, causing Initialize Layout to be fires again. Calling this method will prevent Ultra Grid from marking summaries for recalculation whenever row changed notification is received. Resume Summary Updates to resume the default behavior of marking summaries for recalculation. One known issue we found is when you open another MDI form within a Cell Double Click event, in which case the focus would be set back to the original form. Small Change property while doing accelerated scrolling. Call this method to check if you should do any update calculations for the view in your control and to notify scroll control that the control's content needs to be updated. Allows you to perform a quick Invalidate / Update pair on the grid without executing any of the grids default paint code. If you run into such a situation set this property false. Instead the grid will only call Draw Clipped Grid from its Paint handler and immediately return. Refresh Current Cell Behavior and invalidates the grid area (either the whole row, the cell or nothing) as needed. Indicates whether the scroll control can increase the System. When compared to calling Draw Clipped Grid using a cached graphics context this method is a bit slower but it avoids flickering since it can take advantage of the Win Forms own double-buffering mechanism. Deactivate method of the Current Cell after the current cell was deactivated. This method is called from Grid Cell Renderer Base. The default implementation of this virtual method raises the Grid Current Cell. Scroll Control) Gets or sets a value indicating whether the grid can enable caching style property values of Get View Style Info styles when accessed the first time. Read Only might be accessed multiple times from different routines for the same style object). Scroll Control) Gets or sets the height and width of the client area of the control. Move To will be deferred until the grid sets the active control inside a parent container and its System. When using the grid in MFC applications or in an Active X host this value lets you change the default behavior of Tab and Arrows keys.

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