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To get this number, we look for the oldest things we can find. When astronauts brought them back for scientists to study them, they were able to find out how old they are.

If our Sun is four and a half billion years old, how much longer will it shine? It still has about 5,000,000,000—five billion—years to go.

With our proven feedback process, your matchmaking team is going to guide you in the dating process, encouraging and helping you along the way.More generally, uniformitarianism holds that the physical laws and processes we see today are the key to understanding the past.This is the idea that, today, enables scientists (including many past and present Members of the Institute) to understand the afterglow of the Big Bang and to see the universe as it was 380,000 years after it formed.Despite this, we now know the ages of the Earth and the universe to much better than 1 percent, and are beginning to date individual stars. These estimates were not seriously challenged until the emergence of modern geology in the eighteenth century.Our ability to measure ages, to place ourselves in time as well as in space, stands as one of the greatest achievements of the last one hundred years. is the most famous result (and is still accepted by many Biblical literalists), scientists and theologians including Maimonides, Isaac Newton, and Johannes Kepler also worked out dates around 4000 B. In the mid-1700s, the Scottish geologist James Hutton proposed that the processes of erosion, sedimentation, and volcanism that we observe today happened much the same way in the past.

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