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The Nine Network’s hugely successful reality series is again searching for six single lonely Aussie farmers.

The women were advised to “remember that they were buying art, not metal and stone;” The history the monuments celebrated told only one side of the story, however—one that was "openly pro-Confederate," Upton argues.

No doubt if you are looking for love in the area you will be bored of the same old run of the mill speed dating companies. Our forward thinking and open minded approach will guarantee not only an array of highly successful events (and matches hopefully!

) but also enable us to make our mark in this unique field of dating by bringing our awesome events to Birmingham for all to enjoy.

In the wake of the Charleston church shooting in June 2015, several municipalities in the United States removed monuments and memorials on public property dedicated to the Confederate States of America.

The momentum accelerated in August 2017 after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Unlike meeting people in a bar, club or pub, or even online, speed dating in Birmingham doesn’t rely on cheesy chat up lines, outdated photos or long drawn out conversations!

At our events you can cut right to the point and can be rest assured you are in a comfortable venue where you can meet, greet and get to know other like minded Asians in a safe environment. Here at Dateinadash we understand that there is simply nothing more exciting than meeting other Asians in Birmingham and finding out what make them tick!

If you are seeking specific criteria in a partner, such as someone of similar age, ethnicity, or even interest, career choices or success, speed dating can also introduce you to a lot of singles who fit your requirements.

For best results we recommend you come along with an open mind and don't take it too seriously.

You'll having a great time, you'll meet lots of single people and you might meet someone special.

Over the years, speed dating has become ever so popular and is now seen as a fun and safe way to meet many single people all looking for love or a bit of romance, with many benefits to draw upon.

For example, speed dating is a simple yet low key way to meet people from the same background as you, who you know are single and searching for love.

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