Speed dating fraser valley

If there is a mutual match, your contact info is forwarded to them, and theirs to you.

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Plus, by their final pitch, they’d nailed articulating who they are and what their service offering is.It’s all about meeting new people and finding opportunities to provide service and be of value.Over time, conversations can lead to meaningful relationships that develop as you get to know each other better. Oh wait, there is, and did we ever have a good time doing it!Sure, we all hope to find "the one" some day in the future, but the hope is that people will come to events simply to have fun and get out of the house. We charge a yearly membership fee of .00 to cover web fees and some events.By attending lots of meetups, you are sure to make new friends of both genders. Should you decide to request membership you will be granted temporary membership so you can get to know us, join us for coffee etc .

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