Spainish dating

Whichever team has the best goal difference in the two matches will be placed highest if the points are equal.If head-to-head goal difference is the same, goal difference over the entire season is used, and then goals scored.

At the end of the season, each team will have played 38 games.The dominant clubs in Spain have been Real Madrid (33 title wins), Barcelona (25), Atletico Madrid (10) and Athletic Bilbao (8), as the table below shows.In the deciding match of the 2017/18 contest, Barcelona star Lionel Messi scored a hat trick and Philippe Coutinho added a goal to give their team a 4-2 win at Deportivo La Coruna and an insurmountable 11-point lead over Atletico Madrid, the "Los Angeles Times" reported.The second leg will be played three days later, at Camp Nou on August 14.That's just one day before the European Super Cup, which could be between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid if they each win the Champions League and Europa League respectively this month.

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