Sons guns stephanie dating

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to do with making those decisions anymore and wouldn’t expect that our assets would be used to start something new like that?

Joe never technically fired us, but ever since he took over we haven't had a voice or able to make any positive impact.

Kris and Stephanie were put behind bars for child harassment.

Kris had gone harsh as he hit Stephanie’s son from her prior relationship.

She has also found herself in new role, encouraging victims of abuse learn to overcome their fear of speaking out.

Stephanie has turned into a positive role model for women all over the country, despite the negative attention from the press about her father and family issues. Phil, hoping that people would understand why she reacted the way she did about the initial allegations of sexual abuse by her father on her sister, but was highly criticized online regarding that initial statement stating that for IAC Wargames: Airsoft Range & Event Facility for family style fun.

However, stigma or no stigma…seems nothing is going to stop Stephanie from moving forward!

He currently works in his father’s shop, Ford’s Firearms, a company that manufactures and offers ‘NRA Certified’ Gunsmithing. He currently designs and shares his creation with audiences through his social media and is seen promoting the merch.

I asked her about the recent family drama that has surrounded their business, the current events at Red Jacket Firearms (RJF), and her plans for 2015.

Kris Ford is best recognized for his appearance in the Discovery's hit show, Sons of Guns. While Sons of Guns was gaining popularity nationwide, the show was pulled off by Discovery on August 27, 2014, after the show's cast William Hayden was arrested on several child molestation charges.

After the cancellation of the show in 2014, he has been out of the limelight. As of now, William is spending a mandatory term of life behind bars in Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola.

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