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Not even checking on one child that was in a near fatal crash. ugly ass frizzy headed sloot They broke the mold with this sloot an if you give her half a chance she’ll break you too.

Nikki Miller goes from Bible thumping to straight c0ck sucking in nothing flat.

Our son was under the roof while they were getting it in.

Our son was in the house while she was intoxicated and could barely keep her eyes open, and I would half to come home to a child that hadn’t been taken care of at all.

Even though the name didn’t match the number of my best friend whom she was actually texting, because I’m an idiot you know.

turns out they were buying drugs and sleeping together the entire time, she convinced me into letting him stay with us so that way it benefited her.

I’m certain if she had as many sticking out of her as she’s had stuck in her she would very much resemble a porcupine.

This piece of skank broke up a marriage of over 20 years.

She cheated on her husband and is now involved with another married man. She plays the victim and says her ex was abusive but he left because she couldn’t keep her legs closed.

A hoe that likes to screw around with her ex’s new girlfriends.

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