Singapore gay speed dating

Realising the untapped potential and pent-up demand for LGBT pride events, more and more mainstream discos advertised Sundays as "men's night" to draw the gay crowd.

Venues such as Marmota, Niche, Legend and Studebaker's made a healthy profit from their calculated gamble.

Most were held indoors, especially on Sunday nights at various mainstream discos which were eager to tap the pink dollar on a day when business from their straight patrons was slow.

These days, we can connect to people of all ages, religions, professions and backgrounds from all over the world through online dating.

As such, the full potential of advertising could not be harnessed, which limited the patronage at these events.

After establishing an English-language webportal in the year 2000, scientist and entrepreneur Dr.

Paying partygoers had a choice of 2 dance areas with top Sydney DJs Luke Leal (longtime veteran of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) and Mark Alsop (who DJs recurrently at the Mardi Gras Recovery "Frisky" parties); DJ Lisa C. They were treated to a specially-produced laser show by Oracle Lasers, percussion by Idham Budiman, and visual effects by Fake from Kinemat.

Attendance by regional visitors was even higher than the previous year's bash, drawing close to 500 partygoers, mainly from Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.

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