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Her long black hair covered some of her large 36c breasts but she brushed it aside to show off. ” “Of course.” I […]When I look back on what happened last month, I definitely blame myself to a large extent.

I’ve been married to my gorgeous and sexy wife for 12 years.

We have been married for more than 3 years now and have been desperately trying for kids, ever since we got married.

So, I was delighted to hear the good news that she was pregnant. Recently, I found out that it wasn’t me who fathered our kid.

Her silky white wedding dress dipped down […]My wife Jillian and I were invited to a party at a friends house. She works in the marketing department at a large company which did very well in the past few years, and the employees were starting to get a lot of perks, one of which […]This little incident started at a party where there were a lot of good people.

And then there was the host and hostess: Brad, the quintessential jerk and his wife, the trophy wife, who was really okay – when she wasn’t being the complete screaming bitch.

My wife is 7 months pregnant now and her affair with father of our kid is still continuing.

She still thinks I am unaware of her indiscretions.

We however, manage to indulge in sex at least 3-4 times a week.My wife Lea has an incredible body – the kind that all men dream about getting to screw at least once in their lifetime.She has […]Angie finished drying her long red hair and looked at herself in the mirror thinking how good she still looked at thirty.My wife purposely chose a clerical job so that she could easily manage her professional as well as family life.We are not well to do financially so she had to work, anyway.

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