This is important to understand because it will allow volunteer coordinators, who use web-based volunteer management software, to streamline their volunteer program and tap into a large percentage of the population.Seniors appear to be embracing the internet: governments in Canada ( the USA (gov/Topics/Seniors.shtml) and Australia ( for example, have portions of their websites dedicated to seniors.The Older Dating Agency is the senior dating agency in the UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia and Ireland for the over 40s to find a partner or just make new friends.We have hundreds of thousands of older singles over 40 years with thousands of new members joining every week.


So firstly, let’s debunk the myth that seniors who volunteer are not capable of, and/or are unwilling to use a website.

They are, of course, also blogging through sites that cater to everyone rather than seniors only.

Seniors are banking online, investigating worrisome medical symptoms, investigating travel destinations (and looking for last minute deals to save money), shopping online (particularly great when reduced mobility becomes a factor), finding long lost friends, and even keeping up with their grandchildren through Facebook.

Research shows that older people can, and do, learn new things.

According to Microsoft, seniors recognize the benefits of computers and the internet in the areas of employability (paid and unpaid) and socialization.

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