Rsvp dating statistics

We are committed to providing you with a secure environment to meet people and treat any suspicion of fraudulent behaviour very seriously.

As well as continually monitoring the site for unusual behaviour, we manually check every photo on the site and use an array of technologies to detect unusual behaviour or false profiles.

fairfax media must surely be the .source of CATFISH mode/practice.

example i live in a regional town & i recieved a conversation message from a lady who i've known socially about 10 years ago & no longer in this country.

With the modern Internet we can send complex messages around the globe in milliseconds, all for practically free.

You can sign up to face book, and in exchange for a few ads (that you also get on RSVP) you can have as many friends as you want, all for free.

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I certainly would not recommend this site to anyone seriously looking for a partner.

Also I always got profiles outside my desired age range and location. I don't consider to meet a woman to be exorbitant.

This should be a very simple feature but even that is not working. I do get to choose the characteristics that a woman needs to have if we aren't going to have conflict.

Biggest problem is the tendency for people to post flattering photos.

Something I can live with and still have a good chat over a glass of deceptive misleading upselling stragedy.

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