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A photographer who became infatuated with Lucy to the extent of building a shrine to her. Ewing in the sanitarium as he pursued her voting rights to Dusty's West Star shares. Killed by a fall from her apartment building, after being cornered by Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames, who knew she was going to give the Ewing Red File to Cliff Barnes. Killed in Paris by Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor and her thugs.However, Alex reminded Thea of how strong she was in face of so many tragedies, which convinced her to stay with him. Oliver instantly appeared, much to Alex's surprise, and joked that he used a secret elevator to get there so fast.Alex revealed that another candidate, Ruvé Adams, was about to wage a rival mayoral campaign against him.

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He was ultimately killed by Lonnie Machin, who saw Alex as an unwanted influence in Thea's life.

Five months after his death, Alex's killer, Lonnie Machin, was finally brought to justice when Green Arrow took him down during Machin's attempt to use a bomb to destroy half of Star City.

Oliver knocked Machin out and left him for the police.

They later met up again at the bay cleanup event, where Thea asked him to be patient with her.

At Oliver's bay cleanup, Alex admitted that Star City seemed to like this idea and his approval rating was up 10 points.

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