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Furthermore, offical Ragebots will never join a group by themselves - they can only be added to the group by someone else. Premium Ragebots are not listed on the status page, and their usernames can vary.But just like normal Ragebots, they will never message you first, and they'll never join your group chat by themselves.A screenshot of the profile containing the username will usually suffice, but any additional information is appreciated.Like how the Kik app works for people, Ragebot can see messages of the chats it is in.Tap on the profile that you suspect of being a fake Ragebot, and tap "View profile". Tap on "Start chatting", and it should open a chat with the Ragebot like the screenshot below. Check if the username is listed on Status - if it isn't, it is most likely a fake Ragebot.Although a few commands work in PM, an offical Ragebot will never initiate PM with you first, and it will only PM you the times when it responds to your commands.

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You can read about the projects history here and about the team here.The times when it responds to you, it will usually be instant - like when you PM it "friend", it'll respond right away.If you receive a PM from a Rage without having PM'ed it first, it means it is fake, especially if it's asking for something from you or threatening you in some way.In ageing societies, "robots will coexist with humans sooner or later", said Hiroko Kamide, a Japanese psychologist who specialises in relations between humans and robots.Welcoming robots into households or workplaces involves developing "multipurpose machines that are capable of interacting" with humans without being dangerous, said Philippe Soueres, head of the robotics department at a laboratory belonging to France's CNRS scientific institute.

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