Rim backdating stock options antedating meaning

"Out of the money" (say, ) or "in the money", say .30.If a share option is at the money (or out of it) it hasn't actually cost the company anything to issue it.But this price allegedly should have been .10, thereby incurring a taxable charge of million that Jobs did not report as income.

In addition to returning the value of the profits from the stock options, all four of the men have agreed to settlements with the SEC ranging from US0,000 to US0,000.

But it can be corrected quite simply and has no great wider import.

However, people do make decisions about the future, whether to buy, sell or hold, stocks based upon quarterly profit reports.

This is where the real problem came in: if it's an expense, then it must be reflected in Apple's books and must, of course, come from somewhere.

That somewhere being the profits (increase expenses, you reduce profits, fairly naturally).

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