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NB: Clifton Museum is temporarily closed due to structural cracks in the main building of the old Butter Factory.

It is a quiet and peaceful service centre for the surrounding rich and prosperous agricultural area where the economy is dominated by cattle, cereal crops, sunflowers and honey.

“Life’s unknowns have always made me uncomfortable — outer space, the deep sea, than of all other television watched in my life.” Another reason we enjoy re-watching something is the actual content. Watching the series “tells us that there have been — and will once again be — meaningful moments,” Neel says.

“The things that we do feel compelled to re-watch or re-read are those that provide us with either comfort or perspective,” explains psychologist Neel Burton. They also hark back to simpler times, like the lack of social media on to watch this tonight,” one joked loudly, and the entire produce aisle shared a collective laugh.

But how is the initial appeal not lost when watching something over and over?

“Psychologists have found that repetition breeds affection.

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