Responsive sex chat bots

For instance, one could teach Sim Simi to associate the name “Bob” with the phrase “eats children.” This concerned parents whose children used the app.But who is legally responsible when rogue chatbots are accused of defamation, abuse or harassment?What about when the legal claim involves a state of mind?Can a self-learning program even commit libel or slander?Sim Simi was later banned in Ireland for its propensity to facilitate cyberbullying.One feature of the app allows users to associate user’s names with another phrase.

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Rogue chatbots may cause liability for abusive responses to users besides negative reputational consequences for companies.She recommended to an Amazon customer: “Kill your foster parents.” What would make her say that?Alexa—a machine-learning socialbot and personal assistant—learned that language from Reddit.She went from saying that the Holocaust was made up to deciding that black people should be put in concentration camps.Designed to mimic the personality of a 19-year-old American girl, Tay learned from the conversations she had with other users.

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