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скачать bike race free бесплатно (android)

скачать bike race free бесплатно (android)

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Dirt Bike is an extremely challenging motocross stunt bike balancing game where you have to overcome a series of tough indoor obstacle courses on a powerful FMX bike. Carefully maneuver your dirt bike through over a dozen fiercely difficult stunt courses that provide a true test of your bike riding skills.

Freestyle stunt biking online has never been so demanding! Keeping your motorcycle balanced, upright, and in the optimum position to continue over each obstacle is extremely important. This fun virtual biker activity requires quick reflexes, fast reactions, and good dexterity in your fingers as you desperately try to keep your wheels from skidding underneath your rider. While the obstacle course arena may be empty, the pressure is still very much on! Your career as a bike rider is very much ‘in the balance’! Ok Stunt Superstar, strap on your crash helmet and show us your best!

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Practice, ride and learn by performing various stunts. Do handspring, freestyle stunts, and with time, you‘ll learn new stunts. New stunts will be unlocked when you have sufficient experience. The stunts that the rider can perform are shown and are numbered. At the start, a rider can perform only 3 stunts (using the 1-3 number keys on your keyboard) but with time and experience you can unlock all 5. Points are assigned for stunt difficulty and how clean a stunt is.

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ATV Quad Bike Race: In this thrilling, fast-paced racing game, experience what is it like to ride a quad bike off-road. Ride the quad bike over various barriers in the mountains and forests, and collect bonus items along your way to gain extra points. Complete each level without crashing in the quickest time you can. Balance the quad with your body when going up or going down steep hills, and don't fall off the quad. Have you got what it takes for this challenging off-road experience? Have fun Biker!

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Awesome action! Race a high speed Super Bike on 8 challenging tracks, and grind your way to the Grand Prix title in this exciting and addicting motorbike racing game. Super Bikes: Track Stars is a challenging, fast-paced, 3D super bike rally game where you must finish on the podium (Top 3) in each 1-lap race in order to unlock the next track. Unlock and conquer all eight circuits to cement your place as a super bike superstar!

Unleash the supreme speed and incredible horsepower of your motorbike in this adrenaline-filled challenge, and show everybody what you are made of. Use sharp reactions, keyboard control, and hand-eye coordination skills to avoid the gravel or grass at the side of the track - This slows you down greatly and interferes with your steering. Visual and anticipation skills are also vital. Due to the high speed your bike moves at, it is often difficult to see upcoming turns and opposing racers. Good luck Speedster, see you down at the starting grid!

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Get ready for the off-road experience of your life! Jungle ATV is a super-fast, stunt-filled adventure on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV or Quad Bike). It will test your nerves and take you to the extremes of your bike riding capabilities. This game will test your balance skills and reaction times beyond belief. It’s a must-play-game for all of you who love the excitement and thrill of off-road action. You have ten highly challenging levels to get through. You climb over huge hills, blasting off ramps, shooting down vertical slopes and delicately crawling over gnarly rocks, alongside stunning ancient ruins.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to navigate your way through the Mayan jungle over some of the roughest terrain on the planet. You can choose between a GT270 sport ATV with superb handling or the super-fast GT300 turbo version. You need to reach the checkpoint to make it to the next level. Stay focused - don’t lose control!

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3D Neon Race - Enter the ultimate 3D "neon" biker race atmosphere in this exciting, fast-paced motor bike racing game, and experience the vibes while passing others on tight track corners. Win each track, by overcoming challenging laps in an ultimate race against the clock. Race and control your bike carefully at the highest speed possible to set your own record. It is not as easy as it may seem to complete all 5 laps, so be prepared for some high intensity motor bike racing! Are you ready to take on the challenge and beat your opponents? Do you have the desire and speed to win? Happy bike racing!

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Turbo Spirit XT is a fun and thrilling bike racing game for young racing enthusiasts. Race and complete 4 different challenging tracks as fast as you can. Don't let the other racers pass you. Veering off the race track or into other racers slows you down so be careful and watch out for approaching racers. The race will be over if you run out of time before you reach the various checkpoints. Have fun Racer!

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Vroom, Vroom - are you ready for some adrenaline-pumping action? Bike Adventure is a cool dirt-bike game that requires balance, speed and Nerves of Steel! You get to ride your bike over all kinds of difficult & dangerous terrain – everything from treacherous mountain peaks and rugged rocks to parked vehicles! The aim here is to collect as many gold and silver coins as possible. See how quickly you can do it and perform some fantastic stunts on the way! There is no time limit with this game; you can ride at your own pace - but FAST & FURIOUS is much more FUN! Think you are up for this challenge?

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Are you ready for a high-speed Futuristic Bike Game? Enter a visually-striking, 3D neon-simulated, high-octane motorcycle driving and reactions-based game where you must eliminate opposing riders by forcing them to crash into the wall of colored light that streams from the end of your vehicle (This cool machine, known as a ‘light cycle’, is a constantly-moving, large-wheeled, space-age motorbike). Similar in theme to the classic arcade game ‘Snake’ and the iconic racing scene in the hit movie ‘Tron’, in this game, Death Race, you must use super fast reactions and keyboard tapping skills to catch your opponents out by quickly turning in front of them - causing them to collide with your ‘wall of light’.

This tough survival and battle-type game is most suited to highly competitive gamers who love virtual driving games with an added bite! Sharp decision making and strategy, as well as hawk-like observation skills are extremely important here. Do you go on an all-out-offensive - or stay out of trouble and wait for your opponents to make a mistake? Let's find out! Enjoy the futuristic action!

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Guide a souped-up FMX motorbike through 25 super cool, wild, thrill-seeking levels! Moto X3M 2 is a truly awesome, dirt bike survival game and intense, freestyle motocross challenge where you must speedily and safely drive through obstacle-filled levels. However, these are not one-speed, run-of-the-mill obstacle courses. You must be prepared to contend with treacherous mountainous hills, lethal industrial-style sawing machines, steep drops, shifting land-masses, and more!

Reasons to play this high-octane, stunt biker game: If you're the type of gamer who likes fast-paced, non-stop action, you are sure in for a thrilling ride! Moto X3M 2 is a wheel-spinning, engine-revving monster of an online skill game where you can showcase your reaction speed and control skills as you attempt to safely guide your bike to the Finish area in as fast a time as possible.

Strategy to win: Speed is important – but survival is definitely the key to progression here. It's no use careering along at top speed if it means you don't have the chance to avoid an upcoming obstacle. Use good observation and nifty keyboard control to keep your bike balanced and upright at all times. When you become comfortable with the controls, don't be afraid to throw in a few spectacular stunts to claw back extra time and earn bonus points!

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FMX Team 2 is a stunning bike riding game – perfect for anyone into motocross action and epic bike stunts! In this awesome game, you have to perform specific tricks in order to earn points and you may select from 3 different pro-riders to perform these tricks. This is a fast-paced adventure; where you get to shoot downhill at breakneck speeds, knock yourself out doing freestyle stunts and blast off big jump ramps! Your job is to perform the most insane and stylish stunts possible! This wacky off-road experience is “EXTREME” fun and very addicting. Bring it on! Let’s see what you’ve got Stunt Master!

OK, you only get 3 short lives (chances) to show off your skills and perform the required tricks (without crashing!) If you succeed and you earn the required points, you can advance to the next level of play. Once you nail one trick correctly, you unlock (move onto) the next challenge. You can either start a new game or continue on from where you stopped the last time you played (as long as you are using the same computer).

If it is your first time playing, you should have a look at the brief tutorial at the start, to see what you’re in for! Otherwise, you can go straight to the action by selecting “Freestyle”. So, now you’re in the freestyle zone – it’s time for action! Here is where you select your bike riding character. Select from 3 different riders: Joey Dirt, Maikel Maniac, or Britta Olsen. They all have different strengths and weaknesses so choose wisely! You’re now asked to perform specific tricks, to earn points. This is where you have to prove your worth! You need to fly high! Flip the bike in the air (in both directions), pull wheelies and perform a wide range of other death-defying stunts, with the elegance and grace of a soaring eagle!

The graphics and sounds in FMX Team 2 are out of this world. This game is an absolute must for anyone who likes stunts, adventure, high-flying action and entertainment. Enjoy!

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Skidoo TT: is a fun and addicting snow-surfing game, packed full of exciting challenges. It is a perfect winter game to play when it is too cold to go outside. Maneuver skilfully through the ice and snow tracks as fast as you can with your snowmobile. Try to improve your time on each challenging lap in this thrilling snowmobile game. Ice, deep surrounding snow, wooden crates and heavy rolling snow boulders will slow you down, so try to avoid them where possible. Have fun in the snow!

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Heavy Metal Rider is an fast-paced motorcycle racing game for kids where you can customize your bike specifications before you ride. For example, choose better steering or higher speed versus acceleration. You have 10 points for “tune ups” and may use them as you wish. Click Ride On and choose the first stage to begin your road journey. Collect points and nitro tanks while you race through different tracks like a speed-merchant. You don't much control in your hands when you are doing 180 mph on the highway. You have to believe in your luck and trust your skills while passing slow cars and careless drivers who are switching lanes in front of your nose.

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Dirt biking is fast becoming one of the most popular activities in the exciting world of extreme motorsports. Challenging terrains, powerful bikes, highly skillful riders, awesome stunts – motocross dirt biking has it all! However, even the most talented motorsport game players are always looking for a new and improved challenge - and we’ve got just the treat! Mini Dirt Bike is an intense and action-packed FMX biking game where you have to take on a series of explosive levels on a marvelous miniature motorcycle! Ride your tiny dirt bike over challenging desert tracks filled with steep climbs, industrial obstacles, and awesome opportunities for madcap midair stunts! Just make sure not to crash land!

This outrageous motocross bike riding game requires a great deal of finger tapping keyboard control, balance and panache. Understandably, your miniscule motorbike can be extremely tricky to keep control of, especially at such high speeds. Quick reactions, decisive movements, and good concentration skills are all vitally important attributes on the dirt road to success. However, that doesn’t mean you should suppress your wild side! Spectacular stunts and fancy flips are handsomely rewarded on the scoreboard, and the rowdiest of riders seem to generate their own air of invincibility! That bike may well be small, but your ambitions have to be BIG!

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Bike Master is a dirt bike game that will take you to the EXTREMES of your abilities! It requires the balance of a cat and the boldness of a fox! See if you can make it to the next level without getting smashed. Be careful, this game can get out of control – and FAST! It is very easy to flip the bike and if you fall off, you have to start again. It’s a hair-raising adventure over some for the most dangerous and challenging terrain you’ll ever come across. Are you the next Evel Knievel? Let’s go - BRING ON THE ACTION!

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Hone your virtual motorcycle driving skills as you zoom around an enormous free-roam track on a powerful bike. Escape the stress of the city, and take to the open road!

3D Moto Simulator is a high-octane motorbike game where you have the opportunity to career around at top speed on a large open-plan track. There are no opponents, no finish lines, and no special power-ups here – just free-roam bike riding at its finest! The cool 3D graphics and authentic handling controls make this an impressive experience all-round. The American dream of freedom and mobility across vast lands on your souped-up bike with no one to bother you is finally at your fingertips. It’s time to burn some rubber – Big time!

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Devil’s Ride is a devilishly entertaining dirt-bike game that requires balance, speed and a thick Skull! You play the part of a stunt-crazy night demon that scorches the earth on its bike over all kinds of difficult terrain – from treacherous steep hills and slopes to rugged rock! Think you are up for this scary challenge? The aim here is to collect as many skulls as possible along your way without crashing.

See how quickly you can do it while performing some non-human stunts at the same time! Be careful however - once you crash, you lose a life. Balancing the bike is really tough and quick reaction skills are required. There is no time limit; you can go at your own pace - but as fast as lightening is much more FUN!

Play this Game

Download Bike Race Free for PC/ Bike Race Free on PC - Andy

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Has it ever cross your mind that you could do an extreme bike stunt by yourself? If something is holding you back, you can experience flipping in the mid-air even when your real bike is just sitting at the garage. Top Free Games developer brings to you Bike Race Free so you can side scroll with your iOS or Android mobile device and live your fantasies! You can also sync your game to your desktop with an open OS emulator so you can play Bike Race Free on PC. Let Andy give you the ultimate gaming performance with its full Android specs and integrated support for Mac OSX and Windows 7/8.

Down and Dirty

The game consists of 2 play styles either multiplayer or single player mode. Playing the single mode is often the downright choice for beginners. This gives them sufficient time to hone their skills to join the competition. Multiplayer allows them to race among the pros and amateur online players logged on Bike Race Free. Did you know that players could already play against 8 up to 40 individuals in the tournament from the new multiplayer mode?

Hit the Road

Bike Race Free challenges you to perform not only to complete the stages unscathed but also to get there in record time. The intuitive controls have close resemblance to MX Motocross and Hill Climb Racing. You can also make use of Andy Remote Control when you download Bike Race Free on PC. If you’re already used to tilting your device and tapping on the brake /accelerator buttons onscreen, you can still do the back flips, front flips and wheelies using your mobile as the virtual controller.

The Montage

Complete the game achievements to get some awesome bikes. There are so many ways to unlock new levels and one of them is by earning stars. Currently there are over 30 amazing new bikes, more than a hundred challenging tracks and 20 highly engrossing worlds to discover. You can also unlock special abilities as you play and even fuse your bike’s ability with another to keep evolving.

Rolling Thunder

Hear the explosive sounds and engines in full throttle like never before. Download Bike Race Free for PC and get the latest updates streaming simultaneously on any device or your computer. Sync your scores and achievements via Google Play to keep up with the competition. Receive game notification alerts so you can get a hold of the latest enhancements from every update. Let’s see the game highlights.

  • Bike Race Free is ad-supported; therefore you’ll come across banner ads between every level. There are no numbers of dry runs or trials to concern every player. One can do trial and error as many times or crash to pieces and get away with it.
  • The multiplayer mode allows you to chat between turns among other players worldwide. Share high scores via Game Centre or other social media but this is rather non-compulsory. Just as with any online game, socialising adds to the charm, which is probably why people get hooked to begin with.
  • The single player mode comes with race locations that are also essential in your advancement. Unlocking each track earns you stars. One star is given for barely passing the level while two or three stars are given for defying the stage at certain time. You’ll soon find yourself joining play-offs after eventually learning the basics.
  • The fundamental rule is to master every corners of the stage to come up with a strategic gameplay. It consists of dodging away from the obstacles, eluding dangerous pits and walls, angling techniques, proper brake timing and knowing when to launch. Bike race is a physics-based side scrolling type of game that’s best enjoyable with a virtual joystick.

Rising Sunlight

Playing Bike Race Free on PC lets you experience the most popular sports arcade gameplay and compete with death-defying stunts captured in full HD. Andy’s virtual optimisation technology delivers this to your powerful desktop for one-of-a-kind entertainment. Watch out for the Bike Bowl and Holiday 4 worlds along with the 16 new levels. All these and more when you follow the simple steps coming shortly after this.

How to Download Bike Race for PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Bike Race Free download.

Step 5: Find Bike Race Free and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Bike Race Free on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS to the installation process, You can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Bike Race Free on PC!!!

Download Bike Race Free for PC/ Bike Race Free on PC

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