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The ruggedized sensing system, which included a user-friendly interface, was also developed for sensor diagnostics and temperature monitoring in real-time on a mobile device.

In the last year of the project (2018), the team successfully deployed prototype sensing systems in small commercial coal- and natural gas-fired boilers at the Virginia Tech Power Plant, thus advancing the technological maturity by validating system performance in a real environment.

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Most new developers are curious as to the length of time the entire process will take.It’s often said that the devil is in the details, and it’s never been more true than when it comes to physical product design.Most people don’t realize that just because you have a prototype that looks and feels like the finished product, it doesn’t mean you are ready for manufacture.From proof of concept models to test your idea through to iterations designed to communicate your ideas, validate the design, obtain certification, use in customer trials, sales and marketing and to validate the manufacturing process, a broad range of prototypes will typically be created.For that reason many developers (both start-ups and mature brands) will choose to approach a design consultancy partner to help them through some or all of these stages.

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