Pros and cons of dating an older man with kids all usa dating site

I'm ten years younger than my wife and we've had zero issues on the pop-culture references or anything like that. She liked a lot of the same music but even though she also liked the modern pop stuff which I'm not much of a fan of.In fact we still (18 years later) find a ton of hilarious references almost weekly. We had a lot in common but she was just in a different place.Nowadays, there had been many young ladies who were caught or seen dating a married man, without considering if it is right or wrong.Reasons vary, which may include financial reasons or emotional satisfaction.You may be in a long, steady relationship, but getting to know someone new secretly and doing new things together are just irresistible.

She probably would say the exact same thing about me if she answered this thread. Cons: sure she still likes to go out, but you're expected to keep up with her.

If we were both looking for the same thing, it may have worked but, ultimately I wanted something more long term.

I was in my 30's and she was in her 20's.

For example, you and your married man may have sex on places like in cars, on roof top, in churches and any other places you are not supposed to do it.

Dating a married man can excite you in so many different ways.

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