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Whether my already being pregnant occured to that lover as the reason, I’ll never know. I’d logged onto Tinder early in the pregnancy, and a few months in, I hadn’t gone on more than two or three dates with the same person and hadn’t found the right summer-fling match.I’d had some pleasant conversations, a couple nice house guests (ahem), but my interest in the process was waning.She asked: would you be open to dating past when the baby was born? While I was battling other people’s ideas about what I should or shouldn’t do as a single preggo person, I’d placed limitations on myself.The truth was, I couldn’t picture what being in a new relationship and having a new baby would look like.Two years later, when people ask how my love and I met and I say “on Tinder,” there’s often a slightly surprised, “Really?” But the jaws still drop when I add, “Yes, and I was pregnant at the time.” Christa Couture is an award-winning performing and recording artist, a non-fiction writer, a digital producer, a cyborg and a halfbreed.

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If everything went as I hoped, that summer would be the last chance I had to date for awhile. I didn’t imagine that as a single mom I’d have the interest, much less the opportunity, to date.I meant to delete the app, but couldn’t resist flipping through a few more profiles, one last time.Being queer, my Tinder settings were set to seek both men and women, and matches thus far had been a mix.But because it was low stakes, it was easy not to feel disappointed. They were witty, had an interesting job and asked good, lighthearted questions.In the past, even a tiny burgeoning crush would quickly be followed by a bellowing “IS THIS THE ONE?

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