Polynesian online dating

The first is that the peoples spoken of were maritime members of the Austronesian language family, dependent for all but local communication upon sea-going canoes.

The answer quite simply is that among the numerous attempts to solve the problem there are many loose ends, and it is time for review. An alternative view that champions Micronesia as a primary area of origin for Polynesians has been in limbo as a result of the prevailing theory, but is reappraised in the present book and found once again to be in contention. For more than twenty years the standard view among anthropologists has been that Polynesians evolved from a group of settlers known as Lapita people whose characteristically dentate-stamped pottery has been found on numerous mostly Melanesian sites, and who entered Fiji more than 3000 years ago from a starting point in the Bismarck Archipelago. Merriam was working on his epoch-making book, (1964) in the United States. Unknown to me as I made my very first recordings in the Bay of Plenty area of New Zealand, the ethnomusicologist Alan P.

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