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With this validation method, Digi Cert sends two sets of DCV emails: WHOIS-based and Constructed.

To demonstrate control over the domain, an email recipient follows the instructions in a confirmation email sent for the domain.

We won't look at a different domain or subdomain to find our random token.

We only look at the domain you want validated (such as the domain on your certificate order).

Domain Validated SSL Certificates are no-frills, encryption-only certificates.

In order to get a Domain Validated SSL Certificate you just have to prove that you own the domain by responding to an email or phone call using the information in the WHOIS record of the domain. Your company doesn't have to be validated and no organization name is entered in the certificate. So when should you use Domain Validated SSL Certificates?

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Make sure to avoid some of the more Common Mistakes.

Before Digi Cert can issue a certificate, you must prove control over the domains and any SANs (Subject Alternative Names) on the order.

We refer to this process as the Domain Control Validation (DCV) process.

In this case, you must still place the file on the

However, you will need to disable the second redirect (https:// long enough for us to locate the and validate your control over

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