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It may be religious or altruistic motivation, a social conscience.They may have a personal association with the cause.

And, it goes without saying, we should like to thank our ladies.

B26 1991 296.1'55— dc20 91-41879 CIP ISBN: 0-671-73454-7 ISBN: 0-671-79797-2 (pbk) Dedication L'abbaye de la fontaine vive, Avec sa chapelle lucide Ou Nostres Dames nous genent D'y habiter dans la cave Voutee.

We should like to thank the staff of Jonathan Cape, specifically Tom Maschler, Tony Colwell, Jenny Cottom, Lynn Boulton and Helen Donlon; and Alison Mansbridge our editor for her suggestions and the patience she displayed in the most arduous circumstances.

And it will take time to cultivate them; it can take three years to successfully engage them. The long-term advantage is that they can give valuable ongoing support.

And you need systems in place to record all contacts, and to respond appropriately to different levels of donation. Understanding their motivations will help you in cultivating the relationship and responding appropriately.

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