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If you are not sure that you are using hosted exchange please do not follow these steps as incorrectly deleting the Outlook data file may delete your Outlook email permanently.

Hello seohawkins, Thank you for contacting us about Outlook not receiving email. If the auto setup worked but you're still having trouble you may want to try putting in the email settings manually.

Continuing to use Outlook 2007, or even earlier versions, really isn’t recommended (on any version of Windows that is) as Office 2007 has been out of extended support for quite some time now and previous versions of course even longer.

These versions of Office are vulnerable for various security issues for which updates haven’t been made available anymore.

that way I only had the [email protected](1)left in the outlook folder.

go to data files tab and double click the email you have issues with. copy paste the file directory on where your file is for example this: "C:\Users\m\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\[email protected](1)(3).ost" go and look for it in your hard drive. [email protected](1)and [email protected](1)(3)so I deleted the newest ost file which was the [email protected](1)(3)

There is no need to install this afterwards as Windows 10 has the features of Microsoft Security Essentials built-in in the form of Windows Security (which replaced Windows Defender).

When you already have Windows 10, then the latest version of Windows 10 is always being offered via Windows Update.

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Things are even easier when applying a major update to Windows 10.

When you are upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then you can do an actual in-place upgrade as long as you as you are upgrading to the same Windows Edition (Home, Professional or Enterprise).

If you were using Windows 7 Ultimate, then you can upgrade to Windows 10 Professional.

Sometimes Outlook automatically configures the email settings falsely.

For example, it may use smtp.(with your domain name, of course), but you would need to use mail.domain.com, or your server's secure hostname.

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