Non armenian dating armenian teen dating line

Don’t even think to boast of your previous victories on the love fronts with the girl as you won’t impress her, but she will subconsciously alienate you.

She would think not about your great experience, but about the fact you are unstable, you would do the same with her sometimes and in the same way you would tell some other girl about your achievements in conquering Armenian girls; she would think you are the man whom she cannot trust.

But anyways, don’t be upset if the date went wrong as it would be another experience you are going to use in the future.

” Of course, she has a job and she would start telling different stories and you would rule the situation by asking her questions; and if she is a student, it is even better, because she would tell you about her studying process, friends and so on. If you know how to impress a girl in a pleasant way, do it, use this trick, but do not offend her and try not to scare her, what is even more important, in every action of yours keep to the golden middle.

Always keep in mind you are cool guy, don’t show this, but keep this in mind and try to behave slightly active and sure in everything, try to be such self-confident mount-man.

This is very offensive thing to do if you are dating with Armenian girl.

Also keep in mind girls from Armenian take different courses, study in Universities and take important positions in life by being on good job position in different companies and state institutions.

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