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Be on the lookout for fliers, emails, and other announcements.Many groups hold introductory meetings at the beginning of the year or semester to encourage new participants to join.For instance, if you volunteer at an organization (e.g., a soup kitchen) outside of school, you may be tasked with training others or performing independent duties.That still shows leadership, even if you don’t carry an official title.You should also keep in mind that leadership can have multiple definitions.Just because you aren’t the president of a club doesn’t mean you are not a leader.You could start by flipping through the yearbook from the previous year.This way, you can see what has been offered in the past, which teachers have served as advisors, what upperclassmen are involved, and so on.

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You should also try to find activities outside of school.

As we describe in How to Determine Which Clubs to Join: A Guide for Freshmen, connections you make through in-school activities can also lead to activities outside of school.

For example, if you are involved in the school band, fellow participants or the director may be involved in other music groups that you might be able to join as well. Try looking online and talking to teachers and other adults in your community about your interests.

While it is a good idea to join several different activities to start, try whittling them down once you can tell which ones are working and which ones are not.

As we discuss in How to Effectively Balance Your Time in High School, you don’t need to overload yourself with activities — this may result in undue stress and can also cause your grades to suffer.

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